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  • Cr4+YAG

    Cr4+:YAG is an ideal material for passive Q switching of Nd and Yb doped lasers in the wavelength from 800nm to 1200nm, most applications are for 1064nm. LNG Optics stores a wide range of doping level of Cr4+:YAG that can be quickly made elements to customers’ orders. 


    Features & Standard Specifications from LNG Optics:


    Aperture Dimension

    up to 25mm diameter 


    T0 @ 1064nm

    <100> or <110>

    5% - 98% ± 2% 


    1-5mm Typical

    Surface Flatness

    λ/10 @ 633nm


    5 arc seconds

    Surface Quality

    10/5 Scratch/Dig

    AR coating

    R < 0.2% @ 1064nm

    Laser Damage Threshold   

    500MW/cm²@ 1064nm 10ns pulse

    HR coated elements are available too.