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  • TGG

    Terbium Gallium Garnet(TGG,Tb3Ga5O12) is most commonly using magneto-optical crystal for Faraday devices (Rotator and Isolator), because of the combination of excellent properties such as large Verdet constant, low optical losses, high thermal conductance and high laser induced damage threshold, etc. 

    Verdet Constant35 Rad T-1m-1

    Transmission range: 400-1100nm (excluding 470-500nm)

    Refractive Index: 1.954 @ 1064nm

    Absorption Coefficient: 0.1%/cm @ 1064nm

    Thermal Conductivity: 7.2 W m-1K-1

    Lattice Parameter: a=12.355Å

    Density: 7.13 gram/cm3

    Mohs Hardness: 8

    Melting Point: 1725


    Features and Standard specification from LNG Optics:

    Orientation: [111] within ±15 arc min

    Wavefront Distortion: λ/8 @ 633nm

    Extinction Ratio: 30dB over 85% CA

    Diameter +0/-0.05mm

    Length ±0.2mm

    Surface quality: 10/5 Scratch/Dig

    Flatnessλ/10 @ 633nm

    Parallelism: 30 arc seconds

    Perpendicularity: 5 arc minutes

    Chamfer: 0.1mm x 45°

    High Laser damage threshold AR coated elements: 1GW/cm²@ 1064nm 10ns 10Hz